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What type of medical benefits do I get from an on the job injury?

Any and all medically necessary benefits as recommended by a workers’ compensation doctor. In workers’ compensation, the insurance company has a duty to provide you with medical care as the result of an on-the-job injury. This means, the insurance may have to provide transportation and translation for each of your medical appointments. If you drive to and from the doctor, the insurance company must reimburse you for mileage.

If your workers’ compensation doctor recommends treatment or wants to recommend treatment, get a copy of the recommendation in writing so you can request the benefit or your attorney can file for the benefit. Medical benefits can be as simple as medications, physical therapy, diagnostic studies or surgery. But, medical benefits can also include gym membership, aid and attendant care benefits (a paid professional or family member is paid to care for your basic needs if your injury is severe), modifications to your home (if your injury is severe and you require special physical needs), psychological care, and other non-obvious benefits necessary to address your physical injury.

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