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Dangerous Occupations in Florida

By Ganon & Hessen |

Nonfatal injuries and illnesses among U.S. workers declined between 2015 and 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But on-the-job deaths increased by 7 percent, reaching the highest number of fatalities since 2008. The most worker deaths occurred in Texas, followed by California and Florida. Nationally, truck drivers and sales worker/drivers experienced… Read More »


Death Benefits under Workers’ Compensation Law

By Ganon & Hessen |

Five maintenance workers died in June 2017 while trying to perform a dangerous task for Tampa Electric. The workers, who were employed by outside contractors, were trying to remove a blockage from a tank beneath the power plant’s boiler. The workers’ families may be entitled to death benefits under Florida’s workers’ compensation law. Tampa… Read More »


Involved in a Car Accident During Your Morning Commute – Are You Protected by Workers’ Compensation?

By Ganon & Hessen |

In 2015, there were approximately 374,522 car accidents in Florida. Of those, approximately 243,396 people suffered bodily injuries. There is a good chance some of those wrecks occurred when a Floridian was commuting to or from their job. So is this accident covered by workers’ compensation? In Florida, it depends.  Coming and Going Rule… Read More »


Self-Employed and Hurt on the Job – Do You Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

By Ganon & Hessen |

Close to 15 million workers identify themselves as self-employed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That translates to approximately 10 percent of the overall workforce. So what happens if a self-employed individual gets hurt on the job? Can they obtain benefits through Florida’s workers’ compensation program? The answer – it depends. This… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation Claims after Hurricane Irma

By Ganon & Hessen |

The recent havoc wreaked by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left Texas and Florida in need of major rebuilding and repair efforts. It has also created the potential for an increase in workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims. In West Palm Beach, Hurricane Irma’s destructive winds caused significant damage. Dozens of people had to… Read More »


Undocumented Workers Not Getting Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Florida

By Ganon & Hessen |

Florida is supposed to provide workers’ compensation benefits to all injured workers, regardless of their immigration status. But a recent NPR and ProPublica investigation found that a 2003 state law enables insurers to avoid paying lost wages and medical expenses to undocumented workers.  However, in the State of Florida if you do not use… Read More »


Frequently Asked Workers’ Compensation Questions

By Ganon & Hessen |

Thousands of Florida workers are injured on the job every year, which is why anyone employed in this state should be familiar with their rights under the workers’ compensation law. Here are several frequently asked questions pertaining to employer responsibilities and workers’ rights. Note that these are not the only issues that arise under… Read More »


Common Defenses Used to Defeat Workers’ Compensation Claims

By Ganon & Hessen |

Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies don’t always comply with Florida’s workers’ compensation law and they might try to avoid paying for your medical and other expenses. To that end, there are several defenses they might use against you in a lawsuit seeking to recover the compensation that you are entitled to. Here are six… Read More »

Are you entitled to workers compensation benefits if you are not a documented worker?

By Ganon & Hessen |

Yes. Employers and insurance companies frequently attempt to intimidate undocumented workers when the suffer on-the-job injuries. Nevertheless, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits whether you have proper documentation or not. However, you should NOT use an invalid Social Security number on any part of your claim. Do not give any of your doctors… Read More »

I was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Do I also have a workers’ compensation claim? What if the motor vehicle accident was my fault?

By Ganon & Hessen |

It is not uncommon for workers to be involved in motor vehicle accidents while in the course of their employment. Under this scenario, you are entitled to pursue workers’ compensation benefits regardless of fault. If the motor vehicle accident was the result of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to personal injury damages… Read More »

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